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award ZTE Ankara Ödül Töreni:

23.11.2011- GÜRSAŞ, İş Birliğinde ZTE'nin en iyi tedarikçisi seçildi.

Our company has been founded under the name "Gürsaş Genel Üretim Sanayi" (Gürsaş General Manufacturing Industry) in 1981 with the purpose of metal working. At the beginning, we have carried out various activities compatible with our name but as of 1982, we started to manufacture for electronics sector, noticing that there is a rapid development within this sector.

Gürsaş has created so to speak its own technology regarding the design and manufacturing of electronic device boxes.

Gürsaş has increased its manufacturing capabilities by following technological innovations and incorporating modern steel plate working machines (CNC Optical Laser Cutting, CNC Punch Press, CNC Abkant Press...).

The objective of our company is to share the total quality approach with its employees within its organizational structure and to develop itself continuously. Working in a 3500m2-indoor area, our company offers "Solutions in Details" to its clients from many different sectors.

Gürsaş continues its journey started in 1981 by developing functional solutions for various sectors thanks to its service quality and extensive knowledge.
Our vision is tobecome a leading company, which provides its customers with the right solutions in the industries it operates along with the customers and suppliers thereof and which sets standards of the industry.
To ensure contribution to the national economy by turning the knowledge build-up and experience it attained as a leading company of the industry into a value together with its customers and suppliers in a platform of constant development, under the principles of honesty and reliability.
In line with the vision and mission, the following are our core values, distignuishing us among other peers:

• Honesty
• Reliability
• Openness
• Particpatory management
• Respect to human and workmanship
• Communication based on win-win understanding
• A work understanding based on responsibility and accountability